Watermarker is a system for preparing pictures for publication by overlaying semi-transparent text over the top of the image. Highly configurable, it allows the publisher to put their message of choice in an obvious but inobtrusive manner, preventing the image to be used unattributed by other people.


  • You must have a recent (1.6+) Java Runtime Environment installed and in your path before using Watermarker. To install this, visit http://java.sun.com.
  • Download the binary distribution from the link on the top left of this page.
  • Unzip to a folder of your choice (it'll be easier but not essential to use C:\Program Files\WaterMarker)
  • Edit the registry file (bin\install.reg) if you installed to a non- standard folder.
  • Also edit the command file (bin\run.cmd) to update the folder name.
  • Double click on the registry file in order to install it.
  • If all is well, you can now launch the watermarker by right clicking on a folder.
  • Watermarker will search for any .jpg files and create a watermarked version of them in a new folder called (output).


  • Edit the file watermarker.properties to specify your message, font size, colour etc.
  • Edit the file bin\install.reg and reinstall it to specify a different output folder.